Top 5 monsoon destinations

Monsoon spells greenery, scent of wet mud, lightening, dark clouds; in short, magic. But for many of us, it is time to stay indoors. And no wonder,  June to August, being the rainy months in the calendar, receive low footfall at tourist places. However, what many of us don’t know is that, it is the best time to experience nature. We have compiled a list of 5 top destinations across India for those who love the rains.


  1.    GOA

Goa is a different place altogether during the monsoons. Because of less number of tourists flocking the area, you will find the cleanest, pristine and beautiful beaches, even the most popular ones. See the most ferocious side of the Arabian Sea while spending your day at the beaches. And most importantly, you do not have to worry about getting tanned!


  1.    LONAVLA

The chilling weather, fantastic views and lush greenery makes this place a worthwhile destination during monsoon. Situated in Pune district in Maharashtra, the rainy season here calls for a significant number of tourists. A road trip from Mumbai to Lonavla must be on your bucket list if you love roadside waterfalls, cold wind and the drizzling rain kissing your face during the journey.


Mawsynrum, a small village in the state of Meghalaya is the wettest place in India, receiving 11,872 mm of rainfall annually.One of the best place for those who love to enjoy the rain and everything that comes with it.

Mawsynram-rainfallThis place is a must visit for its living roots bridge and a cave that has a stalagmite shaped like a “Shiva-ling”. To save themselves from the rains here, a shell-like cover known as “knup” is made by the locals.


This place has on and off rains during the season, staying mostly sunny in the day. But in the month of July-August, the lush greenery on the mountains is a beautiful sight to the eyes. Sit on the balcony of your hotel room sipping hot tea and look at small fluff of clouds magically drift through the valley. With the waterfall at its full might, this north Indian hill station must be visited during monsoon.



The mystical Valley of Flowers has been reopened for tourists again after three years of the Uttrakhand disaster.  And to visit it during the month of monsoon is a sight to behold. The flowers and plants in the enchanting meadow are in full bloom during August. It is nothing less than a fairytale.

So do not let the rain stop your wandering soul. Pack your bags with rainproof gear and set out to visit some extraordinary places during this time of the year. Fall in love with the magnificent nature and your inner soul.

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