About Us

Mon voyage literally means ‘My Travel.’ Here travel is a metaphor for life. Sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. Here, we are not only writing about our explorations as a traveler, we are also trying to document experiences and inspirations.

about us

Real People, Real Stories

In order to foster empathy and build a community that is accepting, we at MonVoyage, collect, recount, and preserve stories about immigration.
Our interviews are documented, and we see them as significant historical accounts of immigrants who have arrived in Canada. These interviews contain a diverse spectrum of experiences and viewpoints from all over the province.  Our endeavor is to create a more inclusive space for our immigrants with the use of these oral histories.
This will also act as a bridge between immigrants living here and ‘people who aspire to move here. 

Mission & Vision

How stories about immigrant life in GTA and beyond can help?
Powerful, impactful narratives can promote the national conversation and debunk stereotypes about the new Canadian population.
With the help of technology, we are creating meaningful content that highlights, educates aspects of immigrant life that serves as a window to their struggles, success, and their aspirations.  We would love to connect with each immigrant who has something to add to this conversation, which will help immigrants who are planning a move, or immigrants who are already here, but finding it difficult to navigate. 

Why Real People, Real Stories ?

We understand that for a person who is planning to leave the comfort of the known for the unknown, information will be the key to success. In the age of social media, information is plenty, but organized information, by real people, talking about their journey, is quite scarce. There is no greater impact than regular people talking about issues that matter and how they navigated it.
These stories highlight the similarities more than the dissimilarities. 

How do we do this?

Journalism/Content Creation: We write blogs, articles. We create youtube videos. Our format is long and short. Our video chats are mostly more than  10-15 mins because we believe in creating value through these videos. We like it in-depth and authentic.  

 We have increased our efforts over the last one year with increased videos, increased meet ups and connecting with the wider community at large. We aim to be the authentic voice of the immigrant community, contributing to real stories that can start conversations. 

Our Team

Indrani Thakurata Das

A journalist with over 10 years of experience as a features writer, she has covered travel, education and socio-cultural news. She has worked with the leading newspapers and magazines in India and abroad.

Prakhar Pandey

A photojournalist with over 20 years’ experience, he has worked with The India Today Group, The Times of India, Media Transasia, Navbharat Times, and Golf Style. He has won several accolades for his work including ‘YUVA…A Movement Excellence Award’, in 2009, from the Russian Center of Science and Culture. His assignments have taken him everywhere from earthquake-struck Bhuj to the icy climbs of Chaar Dham. He is a fashion photographer and is adept at covering live events too!

Shitangshu Maity

Shitangshu Maity is a Technologist (wannabe-geek) at heart. Programming, learning about new technology, exploring places, photography, and editing videos are a few things which keep him busy.
He loves chai & loves to share experiential nuggets with others in hopes that such information would benefit them.


Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a tech blogger and cofounder of monvoyage.in , tuxtrix.com and adwaitatech.com.


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