Jewel of Indian Railways: Rewari rail heritage shed is a must visit

Train journeys can be special and deeply personal, if you want them to be. They allow you the time and the space to be on your own; ponder, read, philosophise and even vent. It allows you to sit and blatantly human-watch without engaging. On the other hand, if you want to, you can forge friendships for life. You can pour your heart out to a stranger without the slightest fear of being judged—what happens in the train, remains in the train. Hence, anything connected to trains excite me. So an opportunity to visit a heritage shed in Haryana was lapped up by me. Rewari Rail heritage shed was built as steam Loco shed to maintain steam engines in the year 1893 under Bombay Boroda and Central India Railway (BB and CIR). The shed was the busiest  of that time, with staff capacity of more than 500 people in 1900.The loco shed was a training centre for loco train drivers too of that time.

This Loco shed worked for more than 100 years, that is till 1993. Because steam engines became obsolete, it was turned into a diesel engine shed that worked till 1996. In 2001 it was decided to convert this shed into a heritage shed.

On the 14th of August 2002, the then Railway minister, Nitish Kumar inaugurated the shed as heritage shed and handed it to the country so that people could know its Golden History and know about Loco shed, the life line of India – the Indian Railway.

Rewari loco motive was part of several known Hindi Films – these are Guru, Gandhi My Father, Rang de Basanti, Gadar etc. Today it has a Museum, Cafeteria and  library.This Heritage shed is walking distance from railway station of Rewari, a district in Haryana which is 70 to 80 km from New Delhi.

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