Summer splash: A day trip to Surajkund-Photo by: Prakhar Pandey


It is that time of the year when most kids are at home enjoying their summer holidays. It can be taxing for parents to entertain their kids all day. And especially ,when most children these days have short attention span,and get bored easily. To organise a trip outside, one needs to spend a good amount of money. But a short trip to some nearby tourist spot is not only easy on the pocket but also a good idea to get them happy and interested. Surajkund is ideal for a day picnic with family and friends. These three places can be wrapped up before the sun sets in.

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  Surajkund: A recreational place close to south Delhi, it is also known as the Peacock lake. There are  whole of of activities that one can partake in starting from Kayaking to boat riding. On a good day, you can sit near the 10th century reservoir which was built by Gujar king Suraj Pal of Tomar dynasty and chat till evening. And if you are willing to explore a little more then, target Asola Bhatti Wildlife sanctuary from Surajkund.

Asola Bhati wildlife

Asola Bhatti Wild Life Sanctuary:  is on the Southern Ridge of the northern terminal of Aravalli Hills, A 2km walk exhibits floral & faunal diversity along the topography of the area of Aravalli Mountain Range which is now a protected area.

Ghiyatub-Din-Tughluas Tomb

Tughlaqabad Fort:  is a little more known to people who like to dig deep in history.  Tughlaqabad Kila is a ruined fort in Delhi, built by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the founder of Tughlaq dynasty in 1321. You can marvel at the ruins that echo n era.

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