Monsoon essentials: Rain,rain come again

Monsoon is here, and it is time to enjoy the spitter-spatter with some garam pakoras. While you prep yourself to make the most of this season, remember, monsoon can be a damper on your style and health.  We arm you with five monsoon must-haves for a fruitful season.

1. Umbrellas: Colourful brolly’s make for a very pretty picture. They also make a very stylish statement. To protect yourself from the rains, and the gorgeous dress you are wearing to a party, umbrella is a must in your handbag. You can colour coordinate your dress with the brolly you are carrying.


Inspiration: Queen of England.

2.Flip flops: Ditch those high heels for flip flops. They come in many colours and are the best for the season. For a party, try those wellington boots, they protect your tootsies and keep you dry. inspiration: Jennifer Lopez in flip flops

flip flops

 3. Dresses should be avoided, especially because they stick to the body,making it uncomfortable. Shorts, capris are the best monsoon wear.

4.Disinfect:  It is great fun to get drenched in the rain, more so, in the first shower of the season, but be careful of the germs and viruses that you carry back home . Disinfect your clothes,shoes before they attack you or your loved one.


5. Towels: Well, this is self explanatory. You must keep a towel handy to dry yourself. Or else, be prepared to pop in pills for fever or cold.

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