BoConcept: A praiseworthy concept

Wanting to create a nest of your own with some modern,chic furnitures that spell comfort and design? You don’t have to look up international decor books for inspiration and design. BoConcept is here to fulfil that need of an urban space that speaks your language and communicates your thoughts. BoConcept, a premium furniture and accessories brand from Denmark makes its entry in the National Capital Region (NCR) with the launch of their store on the MG Road. BoConcept stands for creating your own living concept, part of the brand’s name is Bo, a Danish name for living and other part is concept. Founded by two Danish craftsmen, Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm in 1952, BoConcept currently has more than 250 sales units in over 60 countries around the globe.
BoConcept offers a wide variety of home furniture and accessories ranging from small accessories to complete furniture solution for the entire home.BoConcept has a team of in-house designers who try to design the perfect furniture and
accessories helping their customers realize their dream.

Navin Khanna, Director, BoConcept India Delhi feels that the taste and fashion of the crowd in Delhi is evolving each day and says, “We are extremely excited with the launch of the BoConcept flagship store in the Capital, I believe that the well travelled discerning buyer of New Delhi would be able to identify with our product offerings. There is a void in the interior space for high quality finished product designed by world-class designers. We believe that BoConcept will successfully fill that void in the market. What makes us even more unique is our ability to
customize each piece to suit the individual style of our buyers. Its more than a great design it’s a concept.”

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