Grand entry: Eco-friendly ready-to-fit doors come to Gurgaon

Looking to revamp your interiors and especially the main door of your house? So, what’s it that is discouraging you from doing it? Nah, you don’t have to spell it,we know— the woodwork and the host of things that come along with it—dust, dust and more dust, to begin with, carpenters and a very noisy atmosphere. Well, be ready to inhale some sawdust if you aren’t aware of the environmental friendly ready to fit doors and frames from Coast to Coast Designs.

India’s leading Wood Veneer company Coast To Coast Designs have recently launched ready-to-fir doors and frames which helps simplify the process of selection of new Doors & Frames across residential, hospitality and commercial sectors, simultaneously providing design inspirations for all. Highlighting the lifestyle & luxury utility of Wood Veneers, Coast To Coast Designs are sailing uncharted territories by introducing a range of 100% Customised Engineered Doors & Frames.

The ready to fit Doors & Frames are one of the best tools for Architects and Designers as they are sustainable, eco-friendly yet aesthetic in their appeal. Focusing on providing turnkey solutions, Coast To Coast Designs is a one stop shop for elegant Doors & matching Frames which come as a set with the same factory finish and are ready to install at site without breakage or disruption, which is definitely a plus over traditional construction methods. Coast To Coast Designs also has an Experience Centre on MG Road, Gurgaon which displays the latest designs & the skilful workmanship in the form of life-size samples of Doors & Frames along with a wide range of Veneer display to understand the limitless possibilities that one can now avail, easily without a burden on the pocket.

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