High ‘Five’ these food and beat the monsoon blues

Monsoon is here, and you can indulge in some monsoon madness by binging on chaats, pakoris and the likes. But hey, why is it madness,and not the most natural thing to do? Because,as an aware , healthy person, it is important to be cautioned about a host of diseases it brings along with it. Bacterial and fungal diseases are at an all time high during this season, and therefore, what you eat, wear and how clean you keep is vital for a fruitful season. Eating right is half the job done. We list down 5 best foods to eat in the monsoons. Make a note.

  1. No matter how much you salivate for a plate of panipuri,we will tell you not to have them now. Instead, what you can have is dry foods such as chickpea,corn and various preparations of oats which are safe to consume, vis-a vis foods that are wet and can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Also,watery meals can cause bloating among many people,so avoid.
  2.  Fruits are always your best buddies and you can always rely on them to give you nutrition and energy. Apples, mangoes, pomegranates and pears are the ones you can happily have. Avoid watermelons, even if you can’t resist them.
  3.  Brown rice has been recommended over white by the doctor for a long time, but during this season, they are the best that you can have.Even barley is a good option.
  4. Hot soups with a dash of garlic will do a world of good to your body. During monsoon, the body anyways craves for something warm and comforting, and nothing can beat a vegetable soup or a chicken soup with a hint of garlic, which is said to be good for body’s immune system.
  5. Especially during monsoons; ditch that glass of milk for yogurt . Have a bowl full of yogurt, which is not only a rich source of calcium but is also deliciously filling. Like many heroines endorse for their beautiful glowing skin, almonds can be a part of your diet always,more so during monsoons.

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