5 most popular cartoon shows for children

With a large variety of cartoon series broadcasted in Indian TV Channels, parents these days are confused with what to show their kids. The shows should not only be entertaining but educational, too. Therefore, we present to you a list of shows that are fun and feed your little ones’ brains a lot of important things.

  1.    Chhota Bheem

A little nine-year-old fellow, Bheem lives in a village called Dholakpur. He, along with his friends Chutki and Raju, protects the town from evil plans. And they also fight off a bully Kalia Pehelwan, who always tries to embarrass Bheem.



  1.    Motu Patlu

Adaptations of the famous characters of Lot Pot Magazine, these two friends defeat the wicked plans of Jon the Don and his gang to take over the city. Motu usually lands in funny situations and Patlu solves them.

  1.    Roll No. 21

A modern version of Krishna In Vrindavan, here Kansa is portrayed as Principal Kanishk of the Mathura Anath Ashram. And Krishna, known as Kris is a student of that school. Kanishk has plans to take over Mathura, but Kris overpowers him every time by teaching an excellent lesson.


  1.    Mighty Raju

Raju is a special child, born with super powers. The story revolves around how Raju uses his super powers to fight with a bad scientist. He saves the world without thinking about his safety or rewards. He is a perfect example of being selfless.


  1.    Doraemon

One of the most popular shows on Indian TV, it is a tale about a boy Nobita and his futuristic robot cat Doraemon. Nobita usually lands in a lot of troubles, but Doraemon helps him out of them using creative ways and futuristic gadgets; that teaches children how to think out of the box.

If you are not sure which programs would benefit your child, then this list would help you to choose the best.

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