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New product on the block: An interview with the  Stempeutics Research Pvt Ltd reveals a lot about the company, their innovations and their journey so far

Could you talk about Stempeutics Research Pvt Ltd, the work that they do and the products that they come out with?

Stempeutics Research, a group company of Manipal Education and Medical Group and a Joint Venture with Cipla Group, has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment methods for Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) with the innovation of a novel stem-cell therapy based drug ‘Stempeucel.’ This drug contains allogeneic pooled mesenchymal stromal cells extracted from the bone marrow of healthy, adult voluntary donors. Stempeucel works on the root cause of the disease, and not just on the symptoms.

Stempeutics Research recently won an ODD (Orphan Drug Designation) in the European Union for its Novel Stem Cell drug. With the introduction of this revolutionary drug in the market, patients suffering from CLI will no longer have to amputate their limbs, which is normally the only treatment in the last stage of this disease. As such, the disease not only affects the quality of life of an individual but also increases the economic burden of patients.

Stempeutics has been granted two patents in India and one patent in South Africa. Stempeutics has filed 9 patents in India, 2 patents in US, 9 patents in Malaysia and 14 patents across various countries around the globe. Stempeutics Research is the first company in the World to be granted a process patent by the state intellectual property office of China (SIPO) for a Stem Cell Drug based on Pooling Technology.

Stempeutics mainly develops Mesenchymal stem cells for unmet medical needs. From these, we develop various products for different medical and cosmetic needs of the consumers.

Company’s flagship product is Stempeucel®. It is an on-demand, off-the-shelf product based on pooled, allogeneic Mesenchymal Stromal Cells derived from bone marrow of healthy, adult volunteers. Stempeucel® is being developed for the treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) due to Buerger’s disease amongst other indications such as Osteoarthritis (OA) & Liver Cirrhosis (LC).

The second product Stempeutics is developing is Stempeutron™ medical device. It is a point-of-care, closed system, automated medical device for the isolation of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells from human adipose tissue for addressing the need in the broad field of regenerative medicine. Stempeutron is the first product to use novel robotic and filtration technology to isolate clinical grade SVF from adipose tissue. SVF has broad clinical utility in regenerative medicine for repair of diseased organs as well as in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Recently, we have started working on skincare products and look forward to launch some innovative products in skincare range.

Amongst many, “5 in 1” anti-ageing skin care product. Cutisera™ has been spoken about, how is it different from the other products claiming the same outcome, and how is it priced?

Cutisera is the only human growth factor containing skin care product available in Indian market. Also, the effectiveness of the product has been tested and proved during the trials on Indian volunteers making it an apt product for Indian consumers. Cutisera™ is priced at Rs 2995.

Talk about your innovations and area of focus currently. The industry feedback for some of your innovations

As mentioned in the first response, our flagship product is Stempeucel® which has changed the treatment scenario for Buerger’s disease. Our recent product Cutisera™ has received a very good response during the trails and we really look forward to see this product help the consumers with their skincare worries.

Apart from Cutisera, we have several products in the pipeline and are focusing on the same to be developed and ready for the consumers at the earliest. Trichosera is an anti-hair fall and hair regrowth product which is in the final stage of volunteer study. Under eye dark circle removal product is another area where no efficacious products are available currently and we have recently started the development. We are also developing a complete solution with the combo pack containing bioactive facial foam, stem cell lysate supernatant facial scrub, day and night skin brightening formula.

We have been receiving very positive feedback for our innovative products so far and our products have been appreciated by everyone for the uniqueness and effectiveness. We will continue to create many more innovative products like these which will help the consumers with various medical and cosmetic needs.




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