Whirlpool expands its presence in built-in Appliance segment with, ‘KitchenAid’

Whirlpool of India, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading home appliance company today showcased their brand new collection of 28 products from its premium kitchen appliance brand, ‘KitchenAid’ in New Delhi. It has recently announced the launch of KitchenAid products in the Major Domestic Appliance (MDA) segment in India at ‘ACETECH 2016’ in Mumbai, which is India’s largest architecture, construction and engineering exhibition.
KitchenAid, a leading kitchen appliance brand in Europe and USA has been providing a complete product line ie. From utensils to appliances large and small that offer professional performance and are designed for the passionate gourmet for close to a century now. In India, the brand already has its presence in ‘Small Domestic Appliance (SDA) segment, which includes countertop appliances such as Stand Mixer, food processor, toasters and blenders that were launched in 2013 in India. KitchenAid has always taken pride on developing new and extensive line of designer kitchen Appliances that are specially geared to meet the high standards of Professional chefs, home cooks and cooking enthusiasts in general to help them prepare delicious dishes.

Commenting on the launch of KitchenAid in Built-In segment in the country, Mr. Sunil D’Souza, Managing Director, Whirlpool of India said, “The entire Whirlpool of India team is excited over the launch of KitchenAid’s addition to our built-in category. With entrance of our new Premium Brand ‘KitchenAid’, Whirlpool shall offer a varied range of Built-In appliances under two brands – Whirlpool & KitchenAid. With the growing demand of Whirlpool range of built-in kitchen appliances in India, it was imperative for us to offer professionally crafted European products to the homemakers to experience the whole range in its full glory and functional form. The premium market for Built-In Appliances in India is estimated to be around 220 crore in 2018 and with the addition of KitchenAid Built-In Appliances, we expect to capture around 75 Crore in this market”.

Adding to this, commented, Mr. A. Natarajan, Head – New Business Unit, Whirlpool of India, “In India, there has always been a huge demand for quality and distinctive products in the built-in space. We consider India as an important market for our premium kitchen appliances. KitchenAid has been providing cooking enthusiasts with rewarding solutions, fueling their flair for culinary expertise for almost 10 decades.KitchenAid Appliances are known for their exquisite features of fine craftsmanship, durability, quality of material, robustness and meticulous attention to detail. We are looking forward to provide our customers with complete range of European sourced premium Built-In Appliances from KitchenAid.”

Designed & Manufactured in Europe, KitchenAid’s newly launched MDA products are carefully thought through and comes with beautifully crafted features which are exceptionally functional, conveying a sense of substance, durability and authenticity while meeting the practical requirements of professionals, home chefs or anyone passionate about food

Encapsulated below are the details of the new products launched:

● Chef Touch – Way to a Healthy Life: Chef Touch is a revolutionary appliance, a Sous Vide cooking system specifically designed for perfect finish. Chef Touch is composed of 3 appliances: Vacuum Machine, for food preservation using the Sous Vide technique; Steam Oven, for cooking and reheating food; and Shock Freezer, for rapid chilling and freezing. They are all part of one sophisticated and stainless-steel column and work together in perfect synergy. Chef Touch is a precious ally for a balanced diet: the vacuum machine eliminates almost all of the air from the pouch, slowing down the biological and enzymatic activities of the ingredients. Moreover, waterproof pouch prevents humidity, the most common cause of food decay, from seeping in. The food can be preserved up to 3 times longer with the help of Chef Touch.

● Twelix Artisan oven: The Twelix Artisan oven incorporates the finest design elements from the new KitchenAid aesthetic: the all-stainless steel and robust knurled handle for safe ergonomic grip and a professional feel; the crafted red medallion that is the mark of quality and craftsmanship; the White Navigator display which provides guided access to the well-organized menu function options; and a wide, smoke-tinted glass panel that offers full internal visibility while cooking whereby you can better monitor progress. It provides three different cooking options in a single appliance: convection, pure steam, steam assisted and has a wide range of functions: 13 professional, 8 special, 8 traditional and 4 steam.

● KitchenAid Built-In Microwave Oven : The genius Nikola Tesla said that seeing the universe in terms of energy would offer a totally new vision to carry us to a future connected to our own desires, not merely to chance. The energy of KitchenAid microwave ovens is the perfect partner for such a vision, ready to serve your creativity with the highest technological standards. Sensor Cooking enhances the flavor of your dishes by automatically adjusting the microwave’s power level and cooking time actively throughout the cooking process. ProSteam technology helps to automatically adjust to direct its low-level microwaves into the Steamer, an included ProSteam technology dish, so you can explore all the healthy opportunities to cook an outstanding steamed dish. With its Crisp technology, you can bake or grill 75% quicker, thanks to the combination of the three heat sources at your disposal: microwaves, the Crisp plate which reaches a temperature of 210° Celsius in less than two minutes, and the Grill.

● Built-In Gas and induction hobs: The new ‘KitchenAid’ cooking hobs brings in professional performance, thoughtfully crafted quality and iconic designs for total and creative flexibility that is perfect for all cooking styles. All the hobs can be fitted next to each other, for a kitchen design that guarantees optimum alignment and design. The new models include 90 CM GAS ON METAL HOB which is equipped with 5 gas burners – has a high-efficiency dual-valve and double-crown burner that supplies more power, even and controllable heat over a wide area. The burners – featuring wok and standard adaptors for the maximum flexibility – are made of brass: unlike steel, this material maintains performance over time with no distortion. The wok adapter ensures stir-fries are cooked at exactly the right temperature, for professional results. The new KitchenAid 90 cm induction hob guarantees total control via precise, electronic temperature settings. With 5 cooking zones, this is the best way to handle tasks such as stir-frying, which requires a lot of heat, while still availing of the instant control needed for the perfect sauce. Some of its special functions include griddle function which ensure a constant and even temperature for perfect griddling, booster function, multifunction button, sensor function and bridge areas which combines two adjacent zones, for full flexibility when cooking with several pots and pans.

● Domino Range of Built-In Hobs: Domino range from ‘KitchenAid’ is exclusively designed to offer flexibility to turn the countertop into a very customized cooking area by combining modules and choosing from induction, gas and special cooking options. The domino module range includes TEPPANYAKI MODULE, has a sleek looking surface, which allows searing meat and cooking delicacies. It further features two independent cooking zones and, the flat stainless-steel Teppanyaki plate, heats up uniformly and reaches the ideal temperature. Other addition to the Domino range is INDUCTION WOK MODULE which can host a traditional rounded-bottom wok. The intense heat under the wok helps in searing food quickly. Third in line is TWO DOMINO GAS MODULES that are taken as best solution for those who prefer “traditional” way of cooking. Last but not least, is the INDUCTION MODULE which is perfect for total temperature precision, a well-designed surface and a rapid attainment of the ideal cooking temperature. This function speeds up the boiling of water by increasing power and when the boiling point is reached it automatically keeps the required power for boiling

● New KitchenAid Hood range: The new range of ‘KitchenAid’ hoods perfectly embodies the iconic design and professional performances. T shape 90 cm wall, T shape 120 cm island and vertical are the new KitchenAid hoods range. T shape 90 cm is perfect for those who want the convenience of a classic wall installation; T Shape Island 120 cm is the ideal solution for a spacious kitchen and the Vertical best suits true design addicts. All the hood ranges are high-powered, which enables to adjust the power level according to the needs, in addition to offering a variety of innovative features and choices, such as professional filters, perimeter aspiration and low noise level. The perimeter aspiration is easily capable of handling vapour, odour and fumes from the most demanding cookery session. This clever technology extracts fumes along the edges of the hood rather than the centre, creating faster moving air which leads to better grease filtering and quieter operation compared to traditional extractors. Other feature includes – the WASHABLE HOODS’ FILTERS which are made from high-quality aluminum and recirculated charcoal, are based on activated carbon technology to guarantee maximum performances. Thoughtfully crafted for quality, they are durable and simple to remove for routine washing either by hand or in the dishwasher.

● KitchenAid Built-IN Dishwasher: The new ‘KitchenAid’ dishwasher is thoughtfully crafted to provide professional washing and drying performance. Its divergent features include Dynamic Dry options guarantees outstanding drying and unique shine, capability to hold refined glasswareaccessories up to 18 wine glasses. Additionally, it has super-fast boost options which allow the user to reduce time duration by 50% in the most frequently used cycles and an exclusive stainless steel double arm inspired by professional kitchens for an outstanding performance to provide 40% additional nozzles for thorough washing coverage.
● Kitchen Aid Built-In Fridge Freezer & Wine Coolers: Designed around every Indian kitchen’s need, the new ‘KitchenAid’ fridge freezer is an innovative appliance which has a perfect balance of Design and Features. It comes with a wide range of configurations. The underlying characteristics of Fridge Freezer includes Seasoned Oak Accessories, soft closing door with gentle touch that allows drawers to close silently and softly and LED technology for optimal visibility. Other professional performances of Fridge-Freezer include Pro Air Fan- with anti-bacterial filters to retain freshness and nutritional values of food. New Frost Technology that eliminates the need for regular defrosting. Other differential features include ‘Dynamic 0’ a compartment for which one can select a temperature between 2°C and +2°. DYNAMIC 0 will then automatically adjusts the compartment’s humidity level so that deterioration process becomes slower, preventing water loss from fresh foods. Pro Fresh another feature in intelligent KitchenAid Fridge Freezer can control temperature and humidity to maintain Food’s freshness, appearance, aroma and taste for a longer period of time.

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