It’s time to slam poetry and shayari at this newly launched cafe in Gurugram

Located in the middle of the city, amidst beautiful lush green scenic beauty lays this beautiful shayari cafe, named Guftagu Cafe. It feels good to write poetry and shayari, but what feels more beautiful is to share it with like-minded people. Poets in Delhi NCR can now consider themselves fortunate enough to be given a cafe to celebrate the unspoken feelings in the heart of the city in Gurugram, near Sikanderpur metro station. Imagine an evening, when a deep voice, reciting a beautiful couplet is being heard on the main road of DLF phase-2 , and you get so moved by the couplet  that when you move inside, you get to notice a cosy cafe specializing in multicuisine. Yes! That’s what you get to see often, as one walks inside, aglow with dainty fairy lights and dangling bulbs covered with bamboo ceiling with each corner connecting you to the mood and essence of Shayari. And what even surprises you more that these poems and shayaris are being penned down by aspiring and emerging poets of the city.

Giving a new look to the love for Sher-o-shayari, the beautiful blend of the Three Pillars (a seasoned RJ, A serial entrepreneur and a media personnel) makes it a perfect mix to come with such a cafe. Who says, you need to have industry expertise to start something afresh. Gone are those days, it’s time you let your imagination and creativity flow and give shapes to your dreams and this is what they did, here it has taken the shape of Guftagu


Kritika Wasson: The lady behind conceptualising, designing and executing this beautiful cafe. Or we should rather refer to her as the Boss lady whose love for food and music gave birth to Guftagu Cafe. She often refers to herself as an art lover,and believes in leading by example. She was amongst the 100 upcoming women faces of India. As far as her professional journey is concerned she was a young media professional who has worked with top business magazines of India , she has curated many successful events while working with who’s who of the Industry  and  is now a budding hotelier of the town.

Prominent RJ Rahul Makin: Often referred to as “A repugnant Love guru” whose shayari has awwed everyone in the btown. His love for poetry made him come with such a platform where people can simply share and talk despite of wasting time in sitting glued to the cellphones, while spending time with closed ones

Serial Entrepreneur Vikas Sharma: Who has proved that degree is just not needed to come up with a successfully flourishing business. A perfect example of talent without certification is what Vikas is all about.  An MBA Dropout, crowd-funding expert by skill,a serial entrepreneur at heart,a sports supporter by passion, and a Marketeer and a Brand Evangelist by experience is what sums up vikas in totality.  Apart from Guftagu his other ventures include Creator’s Gurukul, Desired,, and 7 Miles.

A Cafe With great love for Poetry and Shayari: Guftagu Cafe

With great love for poetry and shayari, this triplet is all set to give a new face to the genre of shayari by enabling like-minded poets to share their own verse over a cup of coffee.

“Kuch der toh khoobsurat baatein kar lein (let’s neutralize all the negativity in the world for a few moments),” says Kritika Wasson(Co-founder, Guftagu Cafe). Her recitation is punctuated with appreciative sounds from his real life experiences.

The cafe has already witnessed prominent guests and dignitaries from the industry  like famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh, Senior Congress leader Yoganand Shastri, DGP -Andaman Nicobar , Deependra Pathak, famous RJs like RJ Ramit Jain and RJ Divya, who have not only appreciated its beautiful ambience but have remarked positive reviews about the food too! Very recently the Cafe conducted its first Jashn-e- guftagu night, which was witnessed by poets,  shayars, entertainers and singers like Durgesh Awasthi, Gunjan Mehta, Honeish Batra, Aditi Anand, Monis Rehman and Kinjal Roy who not only lit the moods on, but brought a lot of talent directly to the mikes.Consider this as Mecca for all Poetry enthusiasts, where more efforts are being diverted towards creating an ambience of versus.

The uniqueness of this cafe is the absence of internet, yes no internet so that you can talk as much as you can! Believe us, this is the only place where poetry sharing is a community expression, rather than restricting it to readings by one person/ a set of poets. Besides sharing one’s own favorite piece, the community building aspect has been has been set in such a manner that everyone around discusses various schools of poetry, writings and the works sometimes on one theme or sometimes on different themes. All the poems, and artwork then gets recorded and is uploaded on their youtube channel- Guftagu Talkies where more and more poets can connect, refer and be a part.  Also, this place have lot of green plants and beautiful sustainable designing. The founders conceptualise and designed this beautiful ambiance themselves.

It its initial days itself the Cafe has witnessed huge response from everyone who has backed it and the regular customers that are visiting it on daily basis. The founding team is now actively looking for brands to associate and launch its series of episodes on weekly basis on its youtube channel which will be the digital version of Jashn-e-Guftagu(an event IP owned by guftagu Cafe), so that the  community building is nourished with its digital presence. Backed by a group of entrepreneurs, evangelists and professionals namely Mr. Shabir Momin(Investor and Serial Entrepreneur), Mr. Mohammed Sirajuddin (Serial entrepreneur and Investor), Mr. Abhinav Tandon(Co-founder- Creator’s Gurukul), Mr. Saurabh Pathak (Co-founder- Digital Democracy and Tagtalk ), and Ms. Tripti Somani (Chairman women Entrepreneurship at PHD chamber of Commerce and a women entrepreneur).

The unique trio of Kritika, Vikas and RJ Rahul Makin, wants to follow their vision of coming up with such places PAN INDIA which will break away from the conventional image of shayars meeting in a mushaira. Using the power of speech and food, they are and will be  creating a new legacy of shayari over food with one belief that in one corner of a poet’s mind, sher are always being written. But poetry needs the company of other poets and that can be only done at Guftagu Cafe. So, what are you waiting for, pen down your feelings and reach out to Guftagu cafe now!


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