Chili’s–The Best Tex-Mex in Town

Chili’s is such a joy! The Tex-Mex joint which opened a couple of months ago in Kolkata is surely a crowd-puller. The ambience, the decor, the service – none disappoint. The warmth and the friendliness of the people in the restaurant makes you feel quite at home.

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Chili’s is thus a must visit for all foodies. It is surely going to leave you happy and satisfied. The food is definitely Mexican. I love everything deep fried, hot and spicy and so the food was an instant hit with me, the reason why I have already visited the place twice in this short span. The first time I visited Chili’s, I played it safe and went in for a Cajun Chicken Burger. A generous portion of a juicy and succulent chicken breast complimented with the melting Swiss cheese was definitely a break from the usual customized chicken burgers served at McDonald’s and KFC. But personally I thought it was just like any other home-made chicken burgers and nothing extra-ordinary butchili's 2 yeah again it is difficult to experiment with something as simple as a chicken burger. On my second visit I wanted to try the other mouth-watering food which I kept staring at on other people’s plate during my first visit and this time around I ordered in an appetizer. Triple Dipper consisting of battered fry chicken crispers, chicken wings and the Southwestern eggrolls came in such huge portions that two of us had a hard time clearing the plate. All the three items on the plate were a delight nevertheless and we kept on digging in into the three dips that were served-totally mouthwatering they were! Tripple dippers can be ideally shared among four people. If you are a couple visiting Chili’s then I would suggest order in a smaller appetizer which would leave some space in your stomach to try the rest of the food out there. For the mains, we tried crispy honey-chipotle, chicken crispers and country fried chicken. Both were mouthwatering. The sticky glaze on the chicken made with honey and chipotle sauce instantly gives a kick in the first go and then there is the potato mash and the finger fries to cut down on the sweetness. But the best part of these two dishes was the corn on the cob. Moist, juicy and brushed with butter, garlic and something sweet and tangy-(dying to know the secret sweet ingredient) was the one to die for. I could leave every other thing on the plate to have more of that corn. I however could not try the quintessential Mexican items like the fajitas and quesadillas. I also wanted to try the chocolate chip paradise pie to satisfy my sweet tooth but with the appetizer and the main I was quite full. They are booked for my next visit anyways. Chili’s menu offers so much variety that it is difficult to try different things in a single go. And that is why one needs to make multiple visits to this place. The place is quite reasonable considering the amount and the variety of food that it offers. A sumptuous and overly filling two course meal at Chili’s will roughly cost you Rs. 1500-1600 for two which also includes the bottomless soft drinks. Chili’s is thus a must visit for all foodies. It is surely going to leave you happy and satisfied.

Address: 4th Floor, Quest Mall, 33 Syed Ali Amir Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata.

Phone: 033- 30990489

Timings: 12 noon to 11:30 pm

Pocket Pinch: Rs. 1500-1600 approx.

Why Chili’s?: Serves delectable comfort food in sumptuous quantities.


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