A drive to Buffalo, NY from Toronto, to savour the most famous chicken wings

It was just one of those days (you know what I mean), when all it took to decide for a long drive across the border was 30 minutes, and even less to get ready and hop into the car. Mind you, this isn’t the usual story for mums with very moody toddlers. But as I said, it was just ‘one of those days’.

The weather was a bit gloomy but wasn’t really biting. And who said that you need a good reason to go hop over the borders? We didn’t have any grand plans, didn’t have our bucket list ready. We decided to have buffalo chicken wings, and from the place it originated.

Chicken Wings!

So, we drove ourselves to the destination, Buffalo,NY. Because it was our first USA visit from Canada, by road, we had to satisfy the curious minds at the border. That took us almost 45 minutes. The border security asked us sternly, “What’s the purpose of the visit?” “Chicken wings,” our reply. He was a little perplexed, almost disbelieving. So my husband added, “It is wife’s birthday, and I want to take her to Anchor Bar for some delicious buffalo chicken wings.” That sealed the conversation, the guy in that black uniform only smiled.

So, without much delay we drove to Anchor Bar. The entrance was nothing to write home about. But the fact that it began in the year 1964, displayed outside on a small metal board added that necessary touch of glamour.

buffalo wings

The decor inside had reminiscence of the 1960s pub that was, with a dash of contemporary design sensibility. Royal Enfield, Ducati-limited edition, bicycles, tricycles, baby strollers all up on elevated platforms–adding to the character of the place.

Buffalo chicken wings–small,medium and large, mild, hot and super hot. The portions are huge, and reasonably priced. Even the kids meal is tailored to satisfy the taste and the hunger. We finished our meal at 4:00 pm, and rushed back home. No, we didn’t go window shopping, neither did we go active shopping. No trip around the town, to do the ‘touristy’ things. We have parked all those plan for the next visit. Remember, we went to have the most delicious buffalo chicken wings to Buffalo NY. We remained focused!

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