Razors down, it’s ‘no shave november’

November rings in ‘Halloween’ and ‘No shave November’, in both of these, you have the licence to look unkempt without raising many eyebrows. Halloween comes and goes, but No shave November is for the entire month, but are Bangalorians aware of what it stands for? Are they upto it? Supporting it? We speak to few of them to know, if there is a silent movement going on .

Even a few years back,many of us didn’t know what ‘No Shave November’ stands for. The movement is going from strength to strength each passing year. So what is the goal? ” The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. This is a perfect month for lazy bums like me, who hate shaving on a regular basis. And to top it all, if you have a reason big enough like this one, why not?” says Sayantan Das, Software Architect, NXP.  ” And ideally, the money you spend in grooming, you can donate it for the cause.” He assures, that most of his colleagues in office know about it,and support it. “not only that, my wife supports it too. She is at her hairy best this month,” he chuckles.  

People often confuse No shave November with Movember.  Though they are similar sounding, aiming a similar outcome from the movement, but they are still two different groups. “Two groups with similar sounding names ask men to stop shaving in November and raise money and awareness for men’s health,” says Sreejit,an engineering student from Tumkur. Most of my friends are in support of this. It is a great way to raise awareness. We hear of women’s health, be it breast cancer or anyother, but very rarely do people talk about our health so publicly.”

Dibyajyoti Saha, an employee of IBM Bangalore has an interesting take on this, ” For a change, the social construct where a man is supposed to be above all, he is supposed to be always fit, without a sign of weakness, has been given a platform to openly talk about his vulnerability, his health and what affects it.”

Ratul, an analyst from Mysis Solutions echoes the same sentiment. “it is a great way to make people talk about it. Many are completely unaware about an aspect of them that needs attention and care. It also makes people question the existing dialogue in the society.”

Not shying away from a movement that is essentially dedicated to men, women are equally enthusiastic. Priyanka, a social worker from Bangalore says, “women are very much a part of this movement. Collectively we have to fight deadly diseases,and raise awareness. Most importantly, I am showing tolerance towards my husband’s itchy beard.”

The quick do’s and don’ts

First, you have to shave your beard completely on October 31st. the hair has to grow from a clean shave.

Then, let the beard and mustache grow all the way through November, until December 1st.

Take pictures of before and after





Article credit: Covai Post

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