OxygenAid Comes to Bangalore In partnership with Aarogya Seva

With the second wave of this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic hitting India, Bangalore is leading the cities in India with the highest number of active Covid cases.  In fact, 1 in 10 of India’s cases are in Bangalore. (Covid19india.org)

Three weeks ago, three Bangaloreans – Kimberly Nambiar, Mrinalini Nair, and Tanya Jairaj had their first conversation about how they could protect their hometown. Understanding that every breath matters, they partnered with Aarogya Seva, a humanitarian volunteer organization, powered by doctors to create OxygenAid.

OxygenAid is dedicated to provide life-saving oxygen and address the immediate needs of those in Bangalore City and surrounding rural areas fighting Covid-19 right now. The OxygenAid team ensures that every rupee donated goes straight into life-saving medical equipment.

OxygenAid has created a lending library of 5-10L oxygen concentrators that provides them to helps individuals that have low saturation levels to recover. People in need should call 080 46809007. There is NO cost to this service, but patients are required to provide a doctor’s prescription, provide ID, and a deposit that will be returned when the concentrator is sent back to OxygenAidOnce the resources are no longer needed by the patient, they are professionally sanitized and readied for the next individual.

OxygenAid plans to expand to support rural efforts including ventilators, mobile oxygen ambulances and oxygen generating plants to serve and strengthen the medical infrastructure of South India.

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