One and only: Archer Eklavya’s temple

Whenever we talk about Guru – Sishya (teacher – pupil) relationship, a name that always flashes in our memory without hesitation is that of Eklavya.

Eklavya is a small character in Mahabharata but a big name who is admired till date without hesitation for his dedication, respect for Guru, example of a true pupil and above all for his great Guru dakshina (whatever a teacher asked his pupil to give in return of his education) which has no second in history. And this Guru dakshina made him immortal as a student.

And this remarkable student has a temple on his him, situated on GuruGram’s Khandsa Road near sector 10. This is the only temple of Eklavya in the world, and this is where he performed the most impossible task of repaying his debt by cutting his thumb as guru dakshina to Drona Acharya.

The story in a nutshell:

This is a story of a Bhil Tribal youth who wanted to be a great archer and for that he went to the Ashram of Guru Drona Acharya, who was the Royal Guru of Pandavas – Kauravas of Kuru Vansa.

The youth asked the Guru to teach him archery, the guru refused to teach as he was committed to teach only Royal families that time. So he said he can’t teach him and he can go now.

The youth became very sad but refused to go back to home as he was committed to be top archer. He left the ashram and went into the jungle and made a hut to live. Eklavya has seen Guru Drorna as his Guru so he made a statue of his guru of mud. With all respect for his Guru he started his hard training before the statue and continued it day and night.

One day Guru Dorna went into the forest with his pupils and a dog for some training. Eklavya was on practice and due to the barking of the dog which came close to him he got disturbed and full the mouth of the dog with his arrows, the dog ran to guru seeing this archery skill he got surprised in which even Arjuna was not competent. He came close to Eklavya seeing his guru he touched his feet. Drona asked about him he gave his identity guru Drona ask who is his teacher, he replied only you. Drona said where my GuruDakshina is, Eklavya said order me what I can do? Drona said give me your right hand thumb and the pupil deed this without hesitation so that Arjuna could be a great Archer…..

Hope society can built a Archery Academy on that place that will serve as a great tribute to Eklavya.

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