Bookish gifts for our Pops

Today is father’s day,and we would celebrate it a tad differently. We won’t list down gadgets that you can gift to your dad, we won’t put up prices for various holiday destinations either. Instead, we would list down 5 children’s books that celebrate dads. Isn’t that cute? So, here we go:

  1. Guess how much I love you: This is a classic that explores the love between the father and the child. They both are trying out-do each other on how much they love—Little Nutbrown and Big Nutbrown. The story has a sweet and touching end.
  2. Papa,please get the moon for me: The name is suggestive. Well, our dads can do anything for us, isn’t it?  The tale is about a father who sets out to get the moon for his child. The book ends with a lovely surprise.
  3. Tyrannosaurus Dad:  The name seems a summation of dinosaurs and tyranny, isn’t it. In this story, dad’s come in all shapes and sizes. So, how about a Dino for a father?
  4. I love my daddy!: This is my absolute favourite. It chronicles a day in the life of a Papa bear. A true celebration of the bond we share with our dads.
  5.  Froggy’s day with dad:  We have a notion that dads dictate everything that we do; the food we eat, what we play, how we play etc. But this tale breaks that notion. It tells us how dads don’t decide always, children also do. It’s a breezy fun read.
  6. froggy's

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