Makeup for ‘that’ flawless skin

No matter what our skin type is, when you want to do make up, you want to achieve a flawless skin through your instruments. Irrespective of your acnes and blemishes, you can fake a look that is seamlessly flawless. And why not, when it is possible.And really, none of us can boast of a perfect skin, what is that?!

To conceal the spots

Look for a concealer that is half a shade darker than your skin tone, anything lighter will highlight the bumps. First of all, draw concealer around the edge with a clean brush and blend it towards the center. Layer some powder on top of cream, this will help it from slipping throughout the day.


For under eye bags

Your dark circles and under eye bags can be worked on with ice packs and concealer.  Dab the area under eye with some ice till you break the puff. Be gentle ofcourse.  Take a brightening concealer, like   Maybelline New York instant Age Rewind dark circle eraser and apply it under eye, which will flatten it. Don’t try to conceal it with a normal concealer, you will only end up highlighting it.

If your foundations screams out of your face, it’s time to change it

Foundation is the base for any make up, and if that screams out, then chances are that you haven’t done enough to blend it. For the most organic, natural look, you can first prepare your face with a serum of your choice to even the surface, then pat a lightweight foundation, you can either go for Clinique Chubby or L’oreal Paris True Match, gently blending it in circles across the T zone, forehead and cheeks. And most importantly , the neck, if need be use a bronzer around the neck too.

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