Do you know that April babies are more deserving of diamond than anyone else?

One doesn’t really need a reason a buy a diamond, but if you have one, as rock solid as this, why not justify your over indulgence by that. April babies, you have a reason to smile, diamond is your birth sign–so your craving for it is completely alright!  And a brief study of the stones also revealed that I need to adorn sapphire–yes, it increases discernment and good judgment in journalists and lawyers. There you go, next time you spot me, you know what I will be flaunting.

We love sporting precious stones. These are embellishments that complete a look and sporting these can be completely fashion driven. But, they can be more than a fashion statement. They can be used to improve your luck, health, fortune and love. So, there are times that you have a huge emerald on your ring finger, and they have been suggested by an astrologer to resolve your relationship issues. Yes, you got it right. These gems can do wonders to your life, if you know what they are meant for. So, go explore the world of gems and what they can do for you.

Did You Know the significance a pearl holds in Navratna?  The pearl or Moti stone is related with the potent planet moon which signifies calmness , peace, health and wisdom

Did You Know the significance of emerald would be so strong? Emerald or panna stone is affixed with the substantial planet called mercury which is regarded as the prince among all above planets because of its qualities.

Now you know which gem to get for financial strength and prosperity! Yellow sapphire and pukhraj is associated with the favourable planet jupiter and it indicates prosperity, intellect, sound health , discern, financial strength.  Place Yellow Sapphire in the home or in cash boxes to attract wealth and to increase earnings. If worn or carried, a portion of the stone itself should touch the body. It not only assists in bringing financial abundance, but in manifesting any vision one wishes to realize.

Did You Know about this? April babies have yet another reason to get a diamond! Diamond is the birthstone of April

A stone to eliminate almost all the worries of life! The hessonite stone is attached with vengeful planet called rahu which indicates prosperity, luck, fortune and desires.

A catseyestone can do wonders for your fortune, wisdom, prosperity, luck and so much more! Cates eye stone is associated with the spiteful planet ketu which signifies wealth, accident, wisdom, prosperity

Did You Know this about the Red Coral gemstone?The red coral or Moonga gemstone that represents the planet mars that signifies physical strength, courage , health and anger. So if you want a turn around in your life, you know what to do.


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