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Top 5 weird delicacies savoured in India

When my friend landed at my place straight from an adventure in Nagaland, I was happy to receive him. For, I have always wanted to visit the state, know more about the people, food habits and lifestyle. But I must confess that a story narrated by him threw me off my chair. He was adventurous with his food too. He had dog meat, which is widely popular amongst the tribals. Wow, I didn’t know that, and I wouldn’t dare to have it either. No, not because I fear the animal rights activists coming down on me, but it genuinely is a weird dish to have. And talking about weird, let’s explore some more weird dishes that are savoured in amchi India.

Dog Meat: Among the tribal communities of Nagaland and Mizoram, dog meat is one of the main components of their cuisine. The meat can be enjoyed—fried, smoked, dried or curried.

Nahkham: This dish is a popular food among the Garos of Meghalaya. The key ingredients of this dish are dried fish, distilled ashes and vegetables. If you can bear with the smell, you will most likely love the dish.

Frog Legs: Frog legs are a delicacy among the Lepcha community of Sikkim. It is believed that frog legs can cure various stomach-related diseases.

Phan Pyut: Rotten potato. Potatoes are not harvested when they are ripe but left untouched until they rot. The rotten potatoes are picked and then are either consumed in their natural form or cooked or treated with spices before eating. Eaten in many parts of North East India, this is a delicacy.

Chaprah: A chutney made of red ants and their eggs is a regular add on to a meal for a tribal from Chattisgarh. To prepare Chaprah, red ants are dried; spices and sweeteners are then added and the chutney is ready to be eaten with any meal. Crunch crunch!

And you thought only your oriental cousins have weird food, ha!



Article courtesy: Covai Post

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