Frida-mania has really blown up in recent decades, particularly among young women . Her monobrow and flower crowns have, for better or for worse, become the most recognisable things about her. In fact, plastering Frida’s face all over merch’ is so common that there’s even a name for it: Fridolatory.
She was a feminist who was fiercely proud of her Mexican culture. And when André Breton, the founder of the Surrealist movement in Europe, declared her a “Natural Surrealist”, she rejected the term. Surrealism was, at the time, seen as predominantly a male, European movement – and applying the label of Surrealism to Frida’s work was Breton’s way of legitimising her art. The most amazingly noticeable thing is International singer and versatile painter Soumita Saha’s obsession with Frida.

Something is stunningly appealing about both woman whose  life’s turbulence and pain added fuel to the fire called ‘art’. Soumita’s obession with Frida came to limelight when she paid tribute to Frida through her painting “Afflatus”.

Her painting gained enormous fame amongst art patrons and critics. Her obsession with the Mexican painter is known ever since. The Bengali Beauty, Soumita , paid tribute to the mexican painter on Frida’s Birthday through her painting where she wrote the happy Birthday message in Spanish Calligraphy. ” I have always found Radha’s profound love, passion, attachments as well as Rukminis Pain laden maturity, patience,faith and optimism on person’s art , that’s none other than Kahlo. Frida personifies Radha’s profoundness and Rukmini’s patience.” When the entire world is obsessed with Kahlo as style icon, international singer draws a beautiful relevance of Frida’s expression of art with Indian Mythology.