Five healthy eating tips for kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and eating this regularly–even if it is a glass of milk and apple, will keep you going for the entire day. Kids need to be educated to not skip breakfast, no matter what. It is a habit that the parents have to inculcate in them. 

 Snacking can be very tricky if you are not aware of the results. reaching out to a packet of chips is easy when you are hungry, but it is important to have nutritious options for snacking, so that the kids develop a taste for it, and love it! How about a bowl of fruits instead of a bowl of chips?

It is impossible to substitute water with anything, be it juice or shakes. Our body needs the nutrients present in water, and who doesn’t know that 70% of our body is water.

 It doesn’t matter if your kid eats faster with an ipad open in front of him, but what does matter is the habit that he gets into early in life of sitting with adults in a dining table and having his meal. Intitially, all kids fuss over it, but with time, they know how to conduct themselves when sitting for dinner with family members. 

If you grow something on your own, chances are, you will be excited about it and can’t reject it when on your plate. Children involved in growing herbs and vegetables will grow a fondness towards vegetables as such, and also will be more interested to try them out. 

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