Comedy in the times of Corona: Marathi Tik-Tok video tickles our funny bone

TikTok ‘Comedy Princess’ Rozlyn Khan never fails to amuse us! One of the recent videos she has come out with, is titled ‘Marathi TikTok.’

And guess who she is featured with? Cool dude Riteish Deshmukh. The duet clip has Rozlyn and Riteish juxtaposed side-by-side, with her pestering him to tell her a joke. What happens next is to be seen in the video.

Just for the record, Rozlyn shot to fame with her acts as a model and then in Bollywood movies. Her famous desi rip-off video of the South Korean megahit Gangnam Style had us wondering what she will come up with next. And then she made a foray into TikTok and reinvented herself as India’s ‘Comedy Princess’. Way to go!

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