“ Art is the food for soul that keeps me alive”: Soumita Saha

Art is an essential part of how we understand and experience the world. Great connoisseurs and patrons of art celebrate 15th April as World Art Day. World Art Day (Rittik Day) is an international celebration of the fine arts which was declared by the International Association of Art.”Art is always the best excuse to get your hands dirty” says International Singing sensation Soumita Saha. Soumita is not only a good playback singer in Tollywood but also an artist. She is known for her international hit number Ishq followed by many other amazing numbers. She is one of the most reputed young social activist known for being verbal about various social issues. The Firebrand singer from the city of joy has already won the hearts of many with her heart touching poetry and quotes. She has pursued architecture and is a gifted painter who has explored different genres of art with her mesmerizing skill.

The songbird paid tribute to Art on this mesmerizing day with a beautiful line she dedicated to art.

“The world of art has evolved manifold with the advent of technology and human intelligence. Art to me is the finest medium to articulate what my soul nurtures. Art is the food for the soul. Even though art today speaks volumes, irrespective of the form of art in focus. Fine arts, photography, music, and even performance arts have transformed with age. Being attached to performing arts and music industry feels like bliss, I feel it helps me convey my feelings better. It bridges the gap I always felt exists between the mind and canvas “ says the diva with a golden voice. Speaking about her passion for painting the ravishing Bengalee beauty said: “ Art is the food for the soul that keeps me alive”.

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