Yoga enthusiasts from Churchill Meadows come together to celebrate International Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day. To celebrate this special day, yoga enthusiasts from Churchill Meadows came together and performed asanas beneath the open sky behind the junior school under the able guidance of Jagrati Sharma, a Yoga Instructor.   “We started this group a few weeks back, keeping in mind the International Yoga Day. We have been practising physical asanas as well as chanting mantras, performing breathing exercises for mental well-being as well,” says an attendee. 

 A lot of us have clicked ourselves in our favourite pose for social media. But do we know where the word Yoga comes from? Are we fully aware of the health benefits of yoga? Or have we just jumped on the bandwagon?  The main word “yuj” means “to bind, which is where the name “yoga” comes from. The word itself has a variety of connotations, ranging from an astronomical combination to nuptials, with the underlying notion of connectedness running through them all.

Yoga asana refers to the physical aspect and practice of yoga. While advertising and media may lead us to believe that yoga is solely about physical poses, yoga encompasses a broad array of contemplative and self-discipline activities, including concentration, chanting, mantra, and sometimes even altruistic action.

7 benefits of Yoga

• Improves posture

• Increases flexibility 

• Builds muscle strength

• Boosts metabolism

• Lowers blood sugar 

• Increases blood flow

• Keeps diseases at bay.

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A tete-a tete with Jagrati Sharma about yoga— a way to a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

1. India has introduced yoga to the world, your thoughts

Yes, various forms of yoga has found mention in our Indian scriptures. Out of many, Ashtanga yoga is one which fascinated the world. Now we see so many people across the globe open up to the benefits of yoga. 

2. Many youngsters are into many physical activities but don’t see the real benefit of yoga, is there something that you want to say?

Most youngsters believe sweating in various physical activities and gaining muscles will bring fitness. Yogic way of health is holistic health, I would like to tell them that though by practicing yoga one may not achieve a muscular body but they can definitely get a healthier body and mind. 

3. For beginners, what asanas would you recommend?

Mainly all Sukshma Vyayam and all the basic asanas as per their body flexibility. 

4. Can you suggest asanas for pregnant mothers? 

Yes, Tadasan, Marjari asana, Purvottanasana are some asanas. 

5. How much time would you propose for yoga in a day? 

Ideally, one hour, including asanas and pranayam practice. Balasana and Shavasana are the best for relieving stress. Other than that various inversion and half inversion poses are also good. 

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