Uniting colours with love

With festival of colours, Holi, approaching in India, Blued,  largest gay social networking app launched #RangDeBluedSe campaign. Unveiled on YouTube and the Blued app, the aim of the campaign is to showcase the wave of joy of the gay community with diverse colours. Recent verdict of Supreme Court of India by decriminalising homosexuality spread happiness among the LGBT community. Embarked with rainbow flag, it is represented as a symbol of peace showing diversity and love.

The 2 min 21 Sec video represents the essence of the love spread by the festival of colours. Beautifully decorated and filled with colours, Blued is organizing a Holi party wherein men are celebrating Holi in the pool area with their loved ones. A guy who is looking for love, ends up using Blued app as it allows him to find his match in nearby location, His mobile pops up with a new match and he is excited to find him, he glances everyone in the party. The video ends showing two men finding a perfect match between each other. The video highlights the unity of love. With the recent judgment passed by the SC in September 2018, it showcases love that every community tends to enjoy and aim. With various colours showing diversity, the video also emphasises on the same line.

Speaking on the campaign, Sanyam Sharma – Marketing Director, Blued India said “Showcasing love only for heterosexual is no more a choice, people from LGBTQ community are also looking to have a love in their life. Our focus to launch this campaign during Holi is to showcase that love is bound with diverse and beautiful colours. The gay community or LGBTQ community is represented by rainbow colours and showing the same in Holi will strengthen the community. Blued has always been keen to spread awareness about LGBTQI rights at large and we aim to continue doing so through this video to the community and more importantly educate the masses. It also brings our app USP in limelight of finding a perfect match in nearby area. Things are improving but we are happy to always be supportive and allowing people to live freely and celebrate their sexuality”.

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