Sanchi Stupa: All you need to know before you plan a trip

I was browsing through some magazines when I chanced upon an advertisement of Madhya Pradesh. And among many other attractions, was Sanchi. And I must admit, it got me interested. On further research, I figured that it has easy accessibility from Delhi. So, I decided to go for a quick break. Sanchi is in Raisen district in MP state is 767 km from Delhi. We can go by road there through NH 3, 26, 43 or SH 14 or by Air. It is 72 km from Bhopal the route goes through Raisen city. From Delhi it goes through Agra, Gwalior Ashoknagar to Sanchi. This will take 13 hours 30 minutes from Delhi by train.
Sanchi is an Ancient city and is popular for its temples, Stupas and Rock Pillars. It has a singular distinction of having remarkable specimen of Buddhist art and architecture right from the early Mauryan period (c. third century BC to twelfth century AD).
Sanchi is famous in the world for stupas, monolithic Asokan pillar, temples, monasteries and sculptural wealth..Ashoka built a Stupa (Stupa 1) on the relics of Lord Buddha.
This stupa was originally a low structure of brick, half the diameter of the present edifice hemispherical in shape with raised terraces at the base. It was enclosed by a wooden railing and a stone umbrella at the top. This Great Stupa served as a nucleus to the large Buddhist establishment during the later period.
During Sunga times, the Asokan stupa was enlarged and faced with stones and decorated with balustrades, staircases and a harmika on the top. During the first century BC, the Andhra-Satavahanas period, the reconstruction of 40 temples and erection of Stupas 2 and 3 was done. The adjacent town of Vidisha has a state museum too. 2 nd century BC Heliodorous pillar or Vishnu stambha is in Vidisha and 5th century AD Udayagiri cave is also here. Go here and marvel at the buddhist art and architecture.
Fee- :
Citizens of India and visitors of SAARC (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and Afghanistan) and BIMSTEC Countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar) – Rs. 10 per head.
Others: US $ 5 or Indian Rs. 250/- per head
(Children up to 15 years free)

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