Recount: Our first lock down in Toronto

This is a personal recount of the first lockdown that happened in the month of March. Initially, Covid 19 scare was limited to the news and the geographical boundaries of China. However, before we knew it, Italy and other parts of Europe became the talking point. The number of deaths started soaring and horrific stories about the lack of infrastructure and sanitization made headlines. Soon enough, in the month of March, we went on a complete lockdown because we started witnessing a rise in numbers.

There was panic all around. People were hoarding toilet papers and other essentials–which lasted for a few weeks before settling in. For the first time, we witnessed a strange calm. The streets were empty. The stores allowed only one personnel. The mall was closed and only a few set feet outside the door.

The disease was unknown and speculation of how it spreads was rampant. There were multiple theories of what it is, how it spreads, and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

  • Initially, a lot of us were washing the vegetables and sanitizing the grocery.
  • We were washing off our clothes immediately after coming from outside.
  • We weren’t touching the amazon boxes for three days, lest we get infected.
  • We weren’t ordering food from outside.
  • Travel was banned

These were the highlights of my first lockdown, now that we have entered our second one.


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