A Chat with Moushumi Chakrabarty: Exploring the Unique Perspective of an Author

Discover the fascinating journey of Moushumi Chakrabarty, an author from Kolkata who immigrated to Toronto more than two decades back. She shared her experiences of writing and publishing non-fiction books about Canadian women who fought for Women’s Rights; delves into the creative process, the challenges of finding a publisher, and overcoming writer’s block.

Having written two compelling non-fiction books, she shared insights into how her immigrant experience shapes her perspective. “An immigrant author definitely has a different gaze, but since I wrote non-fiction, which is largely based on facts, I wouldn’t say that there was any other influence worthy of mention,” she explained.

When asked about what fascinated her about the stories she chose to tell, Mousumi explained, “I was captivated by the strength and resilience of these women. Their battles for social justice resonate deeply.”

She spoke candidly about facing creative blocks and how she overcame them.

https://monvoyage.in/settlement-your-story-your-gaze/Reflecting on her early days of settlement in Toronto. “Those initial years were a blend of excitement and struggle. The weather was a shock initially, but I would say friends and connections helped me ease into the Canadian life.”https://youtu.be/BaYoE55ItIg?si=cm-KZNfI3H1bfHvb

When we asked her about the resources that she tapped into, she promptly highlighted the library. “ I am an avid reader and the library is one resource that greatly helped me. It is still one of my favorite,” she signs off.

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