Covid 19: Why 2020 has been a boon in disguise for many

It has been a strange year. Who would have thought of a year like this while counting down to usher in 2020? While many of us can’t wait for the year to end; it hasn’t been too bad for some (looking at the positives). My 2nd one (2nd daughter) came in at the nick of time. Yes, she was born on the 31st of December 2019. Most of my friends call her the ‘lockdown baby’ because she has hardly socialized with the outer world. Two months went by in maternity and paternity breaks. While my maternity continued, the reluctant father had to go back to the office. He could hardly clock in 7 days before the lockdown hit us. Now, it was a full house. We were all home, including the big sister. She got undivided attention and loads of cuddles.

Lockdown ensured that there was absolutely no distraction from the outside world. She created the world inside. In the month of September, when the Covid cases slumped significantly, we went out to isolated locations…and it was bliss. The streets were empty, and the roads were clear; a unique experience altogether. An invaluable lesson on nature’s fury and the transient nature of life. 

For a baby, this is exactly what she wanted; a well-paced year. Now that she is tiptoeing towards her 1st birthday, I can’t help but be thankful for the leisure time that this year has given us. And who says that nobody is thankful, lockdown babies are!

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