Why I quit my job to travel the world with my dog

What do you do when you want to travel the world, but hostels and transport providers won’t let you bring your dog? You build your own moving home, of course.

Italian-born Marina Piro is adventuring across the world with her labradoodle Odie in her very own custom-fitted travel van. The young adventurer, who had been living in the UK for several years, quit a secure job in the North-East of England in order to fulfil her dream of being a “self sufficient forest fairy.”

Piro bought a five-door Renault Kangoo and transformed the unassuming mini-van into a human and dog friendly living space, complete with flooring, a cosy bed, kitchenette and lights. All for £500.

She had no experience in kitting out a car, but spent two months researching via websites and Youtube videos before setting to work. Having experienced a lack of easy-to-follow guides on the subject, and even less useful content aimed at women, Piro decided to create a blog, Pamthevan, to document the renovation.

The travels of Marina, Odie and Pam are also chronicled on Instagram under the handle pamthevan91, which has gathered almost 15,000 followers in a few short months.

The plucky pair have already travelled across the south of England, through France via Reims, Vosges and Lyon, and on into Switzerland and Italy.

In a recent Instagram post, Piro points out that “it isn’t always easy to travel on your own,” but she seems to be far from regretting her choice, adding: “But only by being on my own I am able to gain strength and new skills. Only by being on my own I can find what true happiness means to me. Oh and yes I do know I have that furry beast with me but you see, conversations with him tend to come to a dead end.”



Article courtesy: Telegraph UK.

Hannah Meltzer

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